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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

What is

Amathuba Artificial Intelligence

AI-driven software solution that pushes the boundaries of supercomputing to give you better results in an ethical, innovative, and agile way. Your business is made up of a set of decisions – ensuring that you have all the information you need to make the right decisions, is our top priority

Your Business is a Set of Decisions


  • Our AI copies the thinking of your best decision takers
  • Then our AI allows you to deploy them and tweak them
  • Running your way with complete transparency and control

Models Interconnect Like a Mind


  • The normal way of learning is to realise something was missing after a disaster
  • Our AI asks you about situations you hadn’t considered
  • One decision can lead to the other in simple steps, avoiding uncontrollable complexity and single employee dependence

Product Features

Amathuba Artificial Intelligence

Our AI models can be built by non-experts, trained, tested, fine-tuned, and calibrated to improve decision-making results.
Improve productivity and accelerate the tedious tasks that also require human analysis, the productivity of the human being, and his/her functional roles.
Additional features to enable fine-tuning to adjust importance levels and achieve the lowest forecasting error.
Fully transparent
The exact logic path our AI used to reach its decision can be traced. Value add for Compliance and Regulatory processes.
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