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Brain Everywhere

Brain Everywhere

Brain Everywhere

Make better decisions
Much faster

With Brain Everywhere you’ll always have an expert on call for every decision, all day, every day. What’s more, Brain Everywhere won’t leave your business or take its set of expertise elsewhere.

Let’s face it, there’s nothing more hard-working than a robot, especially one as easy to use and cost-effective as Brain Everywhere.

Product Features

Amathuba Artificial Intelligence

Optimise yield
Improve efficiencies and profitability
Assist & make recommendations to new staff
Ensure business continuity

Use case

Uncertain Accountability In Medicine

Problem Statement

  • A diagnostic Artificial Intelligence company was faced with legal and diagnostic problems
  • Firstly the same symptoms can have different meanings in different areas – in one area it may mean food poisoning, in another malaria
  • If a diagnosis was incorrect, who was to blame – the company, the algorithm, the individual programmer or the doctor?

Brain Everywhere Solution

  • Doctors trained models directly for each diagnosis in each area.
  • As Brain Everywhere is 100% transparent and each outcome can be traced back to the original medical decision.
  • It was clear that the doctor was the legal decision taker and that it fell under his/her malpractice insurance.

Metrics Gathered

  • Varied metrics depending on area and diagnosis – Brain Everywhere supported a suite of different models which could be easily modified per area

Success and Improvements

  • The twin problems of diversity and accountability were eradicated
  • The doctor’s insurers were willing to cover the Sue decisions as well

Implementation Timeline

  • Approx 1 doctor week per diagnosis

Want to see what Brain Everywhere can do?

View our library of example use cases that put Brain Everywhere to the test in multiple industries.

You don’t need Cambridge Analytica to target advertisements or profile clients. With a few pieces of information Sue can segment your whole population and send each person the right message. Investment, Retail Deals, Politics

Sue can read the psychometric results of a candidate and give you the probability of success in a division based on the results and performance assessments of other candidates.

Sue can learn any individual decision in the medical field and replicate it

Sue can act as a help desk able to run set scripts 24/7 anywhere in the world, detect data breaches and protect database by running scripts and smart approving every db/os action

Sue is being used to analyse specific metrics, economic indicators, weighted risk parameters and soft input to take shareholding decisions ending in Buy/Hold/Sell. Transaction Pricing, Shares, Currency Trading, BlockChain Smart Contracts, Actutarial Pricing Methodology, Fitment of Statistical curves, Reserve Forecasting

Sue can recommend the next best move based on what is put in on each screen, standardizing service and optimizing flows.

Most AI engines need 80 pieces of information to fire, leading to client fatigue. Sue can give an initial approval after as few as 3 parameters. Credit cards, Employee applications

Unlike humans, Sue can review every single item offered and give an initial unbiased opinion Underwriting, Risk Selection, Recruitment Selection, Holiday Authorizations, Exploration Predictions

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