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Athinio One Cloud Gateway

One Cloud Gateway

One Cloud Gateway

Information management

Continuous data protection, disaster protection, ransomware attack mitigation, drive level access to gold copy, Patented cloud storage integration security, Remote and Branch office data integration as an integrated package – Data management radically simplified, cost-effective, and secured.

  • Data is cached in the gateway for local recovery with multiple versions and real-time backup support (continuous data protection).
  • Single solution for Backup, DR, Remote office Branch office data integration and cloud storage integration.
  • Support HA for the backup gateway. All operations are continuously monitored from a SaaS-based IT surveillance center.
  • Data is securely stored in clouds with patented multi-cloud data dispersal technology protecting data from hacks and cloud data exposure.
  • Built-in cybersecurity to protect from a ransomware attack and optional integration with public storage clouds through multi-cloud storage virtualization technology. Public cloud integration is optional.
  • Built-in data de-duplication, erasure coding, compression and data encryption with hassle-free key management.
  • Data migration is offered as part of the solution when data has to be transferred from clouds back to on-premise.
  • Supports backing up data from popular cloud services like dropBox, Box, OneDrive, and G-Suite.
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